Thrive ON from LA –> Florida and BACK!

                  HOW & WHY DO YOU THRIVE?
Hey Yall!
Sorry for blowing up social media this week lol hahah but I wanted everyone to see the blessings that I am gifted with everyday!  I have been able to start a community out reach workout group, have a great job as personal trainer, model, and coach. BUT more importantly I am able to pursue a career in track and field as I continue my journey of making a USA team as a heptathlete.  
Here is how and WHY I Thrive…
I always get sick traveling… ALWAYS its like inevitable for me lol. Even to USA national events for track and field I have no idea what it is about being in the air but it gets me every time! I finally decided to try this product called THRIVE that a very good gold medal decathlete friend Bryan Clay and good friend Sarah McMullen 😉 talked about. I decided to try it, and for the first time traveling I didn’t get sick!
Even after traveling from 4:45am-5 pm, waking up and shooting a commercial for 8 hours+, and staying up to watch the KINGS take StanleyCUP, I was still able to stay a ball of joy and take in the blessings of my job <3. I know that if it helped my mind stay clear and gave me the energy to fly out thursday and fly back saturday from Florida to LA it can help ANYONE! 
So all I can say is THRIVE ON I know I will until i reach my 2016 USA goal!


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